Mission Statement


Haitians are writing their children’s future today. We can help make it a better tomorrow.

Zion’s Children Haiti seeks to sponsor projects that:

1. Will become self-sustaining
2. Have a direct impact on the lives of Haitian children
3. Allow us to work with Haitians in the development and implementation stages

News and Events

GoFundMe Feed Haitian Kids

Help Us Feed Hungry Kids!

We are happy to announce that as of January 2015, we have received adequate funds to restart our Hot Plate Program, serving supplemental hot meals to our sponsored students two days each week! You can help us continue this program throughout the year by visiting our GoFundMe Campaign Page and making a donation.

How can you help?


Zion’s Children of Haiti sponsors education for children who live in Gonaives, Haiti. 90% of the schools in Haiti are non-public and fewer than 30% of children in Haiti reach the 6th grade. Zion’s Children of Haiti’s mission is to partner with Haitians to create a better future for their children. You can help us meet our goals by donating to our cause. Every donation will make a difference in our efforts.

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