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Zions’s Children of Haiti, “Les Enfants de Sion” or “Timoun Siyon” was conceived by Herby Dalencourt, Isabelle Flècher, and Harry Flècher- lifelong residents of Gonaïves.  They had dreamed of increased access to education as a ray of hope for the future of their community in Gonaïves.  This concept was developed before the hurricane in 2008, and afterwards, their project and the need for immediate action became urgent. Jeff and Alexis Bigelow, and Lauren Lyons first visited Gonaïves in May 2009. There they witnessed firsthand the destruction still in disarray throughout the city. They were able to meet members of the board and meet some of the children and families in need of education. It was then that they decided to partner with Herby and his friends to start an organization, to help their dreams come to realization.

Our Projects:

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