After School Program



In Haiti, the school day lets out at 2:00 PM and most children go home and complete chores, and may even be sent out to work. Most of the children’s parents are not available, or did not complete school, and are unable to help them with their homework. In 2012, we instituted our After-School program to provide tutoring help to those students who don’t have these resources at home. We found that many of our children were struggling academically and instituted this program as a way to help them succeed. The After-School program takes place 3 times a week at our office headquarters in Gonaïves. For a nominal fee, we have hired 2 academically-talented tutors who give the children the individual attention they need to succeed in school. This program is one illustration of the ways we are focusing on the individual and reaching out in creative ways to help these children.



Олександр Васильович Фільчаковип сорокинооо толковая реклама развод